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You can always count on us to care for your home when performing roof washing.

The roof of a home is constantly exposed to various elements, including moisture from rainfall and humidity, as well as dirt and grime that gets blown in with the wind. Many of the houses in Holly Ridge, North Carolina and the surrounding area feature asphalt shingle roofs, which can sustain damage when exposed to heavy moisture and other contaminants. Another issue that can arise in response to excess moisture is the growth of organic materials, including moss, mold, algae, and mildew. When left on the roof, these materials can cause the roof to break down.

Roof Washing in Holly Ridge, North Carolina

If you take a look at your roof, you might notice some signs of damage, including darkened patches or sections that appear to have missing shingles. Other warning signs include musty odors within your living space and wet or dark spots on the ceilings. One of the best lines of defense against roof damage is regular cleaning, which our team at Piper’s Painting can perform. We offer professional roof washing services to residential clients in the area. When tackling a roof washing project, we use high-end power washing equipment that targets and eliminates contaminants.

Trying to wash your own roof is risky, as you may not get the settings right. We know what pressure settings to use when cleaning a roof, balancing the need to blast away dirt and grime with what the roofing materials can withstand. You can always count on us to care for your home when performing roof washing. Contact us today.

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