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Give old materials a new lease on life with the right staining.

When you have a wood deck or fence, it is not uncommon for these materials to wear down with time and exposure to the elements. While you might have started with a beautifully stained color, over time your fencing or deck might become gray and worn. Staining services from our team here at Piper’s Painting can help you protect your materials from the elements while also adding to their visual appeal. However, this type of work can be very messy, time-consuming and expensive if you attempt to do it yourself. Here at Piper’s Painting, we want to help you get your staining done right with the help of our experts.

Because we have been working as painters and staining professionals for over 16 years now, you can count on us to stain your deck or fence with professional results that you’ll love. We take the time to prepare all of our job sites to ensure that the materials will only affect the intended surfaces, and that includes our staining services! We take the time to cover your shrubs and grasses with tarps and covers so that they are not stained along with the fences. Even though plants and shrubs are usually able to recover from staining, we do this extra step of preparation because it shows the level of commitment and time we take for our customers to have a job done to perfection.

If your fence or deck is starting to look faded or worn in the Hampstead, North Carolina area, give it some new life and new finish with our staining services at Piper’s Painting.