Washing, Hampstead, NC

HomeWashing, Hampstead, NC

Our variety of washing services can have your surfaces spic and span in no time.

When you look at your property, either residential or commercial, you want to be proud of what you see! If there is dirt, grime, graffiti or other buildup, then our team here at Piper’s Painting would like to help you remove it! We have a variety of washing services to best suit your needs in the Hampstead, North Carolina area and would love to tailor them to your needs. Our washing services are often done with a power washer for fast and dramatic results. Some of our services include the following:

Washing in Hampstead, North Carolina

  • Walkway Washing. Over the years, your walkways can become stained or dull in certain areas. Our washing helps to revitalize these areas back to their original coloring and condition with the use of a power washer. Whether you have concrete, brick pavers, stone or other materials, we can get your walkway clean!
  • Roof Washing. Over time, your roof can start to grow moss or even mold after it rains. Our roof washing gently removes these growths without disturbing your roofing materials or removing granules of your asphalt shingles.
  • Driveway Washing. Stains, oil spills, and repeated tire tracks can make your driveway look dirty and dull! Our driveway washing will help bring back the clean, fresh driveway you remember.
  • House Washing. The exterior of your home is going to accumulate dirt, moss and even mold from exposure to the elements. With our house washing service, you can enjoy a clean, fresh exterior that looks brand new without worry about damages to the materials.

We at Piper’s Painting work with a variety of materials including stucco, fencing, decking, concrete, brick, stone and more. Please contact us today if you are interested in our power washing services.

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