What Does a Perfect Drywall Repair Entail?

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A hole or a crack on your beautiful drywall can be frustrating. You could buy a big painting to keep it out of your sight, but it will never be out of your mind. So what do you do? Luckily, a seamless repair is possible, especially when you hire an experienced professional.

What Does a Perfect Drywall Repair Entail?

Here are some qualities of a perfect drywall repair that you should look out for:

  • Dry drywall. Smaller holes require a joint compound to be spread across them during drywall repair. It’s important to allow them sufficient time (about 24 hours) to dry up before undertaking any further improvements. Otherwise, they won’t blend well with the existing wall.
  • Well-applied taping and sealing. This works best for extensive drywall repairs. Taping and sealing help integrate a new drywall patch with the existing one, thus forming a solid wall. Ideally, the perfect patch should have no visible gaps or screws once attached to your drywall.
  • A smooth finish. Poor drywall application during repair can cause an uneven surface, which creates bumpy areas on random areas of your wall. One way to avoid this is by sanding the repaired area carefully to create a smooth surface that blends seamlessly with the surrounding walls.
  • The perfect paint job. Finally, a drywall repair is never complete without a factory-smooth coat of paint. Painting does an excellent job of covering up imperfections.

At Piper’s Painting, we have experienced professionals who can guarantee the perfect finish for your drywall repair. Talk to us today for affordable and high-quality services.