Patio Painting: What Color Should You Choose?

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Refreshing your patio with a fresh coat of paint seems like an excellent way to breathe new life into your outdoor space. However, some shades just aren’t cut out for patio painting projects. Before you proceed, take a moment to learn which colors might disappoint you sooner than you expect.

Patio Painting: What Color Should You Choose?

  • Dark Colors. Dark colors like black and navy blue absorb heat, making your patio space uncomfortably warm during sunny days. They also tend to make outdoor areas feel darker and more closed-in.
  • Bold Colors. Although vibrant colors can liven up a patio, they often fade quickly when exposed to sunlight and other outdoor elements day after day. Bright pinks, oranges, and purples might be fun for an interior accent wall, but they can look too loud and distracting outside the house. Some bold paints may even attract unwanted pests.
  • Dramatic Contrasts. Going for high-contrast colors like a black-and-white checkerboard pattern might initially seem daring and dramatic. However, paint schemes with intense contrasts between light and dark tend to go out of style quickly. You’ll probably find yourself wanting to re-paint the patio after just one season.

Patio Painting Colors That Never Disappoint

Now that you know which colors to avoid during patio painting, it’s time to consider the ones that will almost always work well:

  • Earthy hues like warm terra cottas, subdued greens, and natural wood tones blend seamlessly with the great outdoors.
  • Light shades of blue and green also complement nature while adding a pop of color.
  • For a calmer and more refined look, choose neutral colors like gray.

Whichever color you choose, our patio painting experts at Piper’s Painting are on hand to ensure your patio receives a high-quality finish that will last for years. To learn more about the best color selection for your patio, schedule a color consultation with us today.