Why is Deck Staining Important?

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Wood decks require maintenance and upkeep to help them remain looking nice and to help protect the wood. The reasons for deck staining are more than just cosmetic. There are many benefits of keeping up on your deck staining. There are several reasons why deck staining is important, such as:

  • Moisture – Keeping your deck stained helps to repel unwanted moisture from your deck. Once wood gets wet, it will often twist and warp. This is extremely problematic for a surface that you want to be able to safely walk on.

Why is Deck Staining Important?

  • Sun Damage – The sun on untreated or unstained wood is very damaging to the wood because it causes it to dry out faster than it should. Dry wood is more likely to crack, splinter, and warp.
  • Prevent Cracking – Using an oil-based stain is the only way to help prevent unwanted and unsightly cracking in your deck. Using a deck sealant alone will not help prevent your deck from cracking.
  • Aesthetics – Deck staining not only helps to prevent your deck from becoming damaged, but it also helps to keep your deck beautiful and looking like new. Your deck can be the perfect place to host family and friends, especially when it looks well cared for and is free from warped or cracked boards.

Deck staining can be a time consuming and stressful task to take on yourself. Give us a call at Piper’s Painting, and we will take care of the deck staining for you. We are experienced, professional, and knowledgeable on how to best stain your deck.