Sneads Ferry, NC – Coastal Home Painting Preparations

The exterior of a coastal home takes a real beating, whether it’s oceanfront or sound side.  A lasting coastal paint job requires proper preparation and top-quality paint.

Piper’s Painting has been painting houses along the southeastern coast of North Carolina for over 20 years, and knows that a properly prepared surface, using a top quality paint, and doing two coats, is the key to long-term payoffs for the owner. Coastal home painting is a specialty for Jerry and Jennifer Piper.

Paint is a temporary covering and will eventually ned to be redone.  But, how often?  From the very first coat the sun’s UV rays start to break it down.  Along the coastal areas where there is less wooded areas to provide shade, UV light is stronger and paint breaks down much faster.  The only real solution is to use the best quality paint available.  Do not buy contractor grade or cheap paint if you want it to last.  Always use a top of the line quality latex.

Coastal home painting has a few extra preparation steps.  Before the first coat is applied always prepare the surface so the paint has a longer life.  Pressure wash the surface with a mild soap compound to remove salt, mildew, and other residue.  Mildew is more likely to occur in higher humidity locales, such as waterfront properties, as opposed to inland properties.  Along the coast, properties closer to the waters receive salt spray and sand blasting when the winds pick up and the waves are higher.

Doing the extra prep work before painting extends the life of the paint.  Especially along railings and the pickets where there are multiple sides that receive varying amounts of UV and sea spray.

If you have any questions about your coastal home contact Jerry and Jennifer Piper of Piper’s Painting on their website or by phone at (910) 233-4622.

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